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Dentist in Topeka Says No Need to Fear a Root Canal

November 16, 2015

If there’s one thing people misunderstand when it comes to dentistry, it’s root canals. As your trusted dentist in Topeka, Dr. Michael Michel is here to tell you this: root canals really aren’t all that bad. In fact, most patients who have had root canal therapy say it’s nothing compared to the pain they suffered as a result of their severely aching tooth. If you’ve got a root canal coming up in Topeka, educate yourself on what to expect — and you’ll have no fear at all! Keep reading for more from Dr. Michel today.


Silver Lake dentist, Michael E. Michel DDS PA, finds the causes of and solutions to bad breath

October 21, 2015

Bad breath. To some, it’s a joke. To others, it’s an embarrassment or a health problem. Michael E. Michel DDS uncovers the causes of halitosis and delivers solutions.


Your Topeka Painless Dentist

July 6, 2015

Many people assume that dentistry has to be painful. Dental care is often portrayed negatively focusing on drills, and old fashioned tooth extraction. Patients who look terrified laying on uncomfortable chairs, so it’s no surprise how many millions of Americans report experiencing some level of dental anxiety. At Michel Dental, we don’t think visiting the dentist should hurt. Dr. Michael E. Michel and his skilled team will alleviate your dental pain without causing you more discomfort. Numerous dental health care issues have severely painful effects when left untreated. Preventive care and TMJ, endodontic therapy, and periodontic treatment from Dr. Michel, ensure you’ll have a lifetime of painless smiles. Call Michel Dental in Topeka, KS to schedule an appointment with painless dentist.

TMJ Dentist, Topeka

One of the most painful oral health care concerns a patient can experience is temporomandibular joint dysfunction often called TMJ or TMD. TMD may start as clicking or grinding in the temporomandibular joint (the joint that connect your jawbone – mandible to the rest of your skull), but TMD can lead to extreme pain when opening or closing your mouth, inability to open the mouth wide enough to eat or drink, headaches, neck pain, earaches, and even deafness in extreme cases. Dr. Michel has advanced studies in TMJ dysfunction and treatment through Bio Research prepared him to offer patients non-surgical answers to relieving their TMJ pain.

Endodontics Root Canal Therapy to Relieve Pain

Endodontics is the study and care of the inner tooth (pulp and nerves). Dr. Michel’s years of experience in endodontics make him an ideal choice to relieve pain related to infection of the inner tooth structures. You likely think root canal therapy has to hurt. Root canals have always been the stuff of dentistry nightmares, but innovative care from Dr. Michel will help relieve your pain not cause you more. Most of the pain associated with root canals is caused when the nerve housed inside the root canal is exposed to infection making the tooth extremely sensitive and causing pain. Root Canal Therapy removes the infection, but preserves as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

Periodontics Gum Disease Therapy

More than 50% of Americans suffer from some level of periodontal (gum) disease. Gum disease can make eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, and other daily activities painful. More importantly, infection in the gums can spread through the body leading to fever and nausea, gum tissue or bone loss as well as increasing risk of heart disease, blood clot, and stroke. Periodontal therapy from Michel Dental will help you return to a healthy, pain free smile. By eliminating the infection and discovering the cause of the infection, Dr. Michel doesn’t just treat your gums. He helps you maintain periodontal health going forward.

Contact us for Painless Dentistry, Silver Lake

If you experience tooth pain or discomfort, Dr. Michel can help you reduce pain and improve your overall oral health. Dentistry doesn’t have to hurt, and at Michel Dental, we’ll help you look and feel great. Call us for an appointment today. Our Topeka, KS practice welcomes patients from surrounding communities including Silver Lake, Emporia, Lawrence and Manhattan.


Silver Lake Family Dentist – Michael E. Michel

June 6, 2015

It’s never easy choosing a new physician or finding one who can treat the whole family, but Dr. Michael E. Michel opened his Topeka, KS family dentistry practice more than 30 years ago. His years of experience, education, and continual dedication to serving his patients of all ages make Michel Dental a great option for the oral health of the whole family from pediatric to geriatric. Whatever your dental health care needs, Dr. Michel treats the whole family in one of two convenient locations. Call to schedule an appointment with our Silver Lake or Topeka, KS offices today.


For a Smile that’s as good as New, Choose Dental Crowns from Dr. Michael Michel

February 10, 2015

Dental crowns have been an integral part of restorative dentistry for many years. So, getting a crown is nothing new. What is new about dental crowns is the ease with which the procedure is now completed and how lifelike your new “tooth” will look. With dental crowns, Dr. Michael Michel has restored many smiles for patients in Topeka, KS, and the surrounding areas, and he can do the same for you!

If you have been contending with a severely cracked or worn tooth, or a tooth that is damaged by extensive decay, then a dental crown—also called a dental cap—may be the perfect solution. A dental crown fully encapsulates a tooth that needs repair, thereby restoring appearance and function. Furthermore, a crown protects your tooth from further damage and help to maintain a proper bite.

Dental Crowns in Two Appointments

In most cases, a new dental crown requires only two appointments with Dr. Michel. At the first appointment, we’ll likely take an impression of your existing teeth that will be used as the template for creating a correctly shaped and sized crown. Then, Dr. Michel prepares the tooth to be outfitted with a crown, and another impression is taken in order to fabricate a crown that fits perfectly on top of the prepared tooth. You’ll leave this appointment wearing a temporary crown, while your custom crown is prepared in a cosmetic dental lab.

In about two weeks or so, you’ll return for your next appointment with Dr. Michel where he will cement your permanent crown to the prepared tooth. He will make sure your crown fits perfectly, gently filing and shaping the crown for a finish that looks and feels completely natural.

Call Our Office Today

If you would like to consult with Dr. Michel about receiving a dental crown, then please call our office to schedule an appointment. Located in Topeka, KS, we also conveniently serve patients in Emporia, Lawrence and Manhattan and surrounding areas.

Dr. Michael Michel Uses Fixed Bridges to Restore Smiles in Topeka, KS and Surrounding Areas

January 25, 2015

Unfortunately, people have missing teeth for a variety of reasons: severe tooth decay that necessitates extraction, the ravages of gum disease, or serious injury. The good news is there are an equal number of ways to replace those missing teeth. One of the best options is a fixed bridge. Using a fixed bridge, Dr. Michael Michel has restored full smiles to many faces in Topeka, KS.

What is a Fixed Bridge?

A fixed bridge is a prosthetic dental device that—as the name implies—bridges the gap left behind by a missing tooth or teeth. The gap is filled with a false tooth, or pontic. As a permanent prosthetic, a fixed bridge is usually held in place by crowns that are affixed to the teeth on either side of the missing teeth. However, if Dr. Michel determines that these abutment teeth are not healthy or strong enough to support a crown, then he may recommend a dental implant to solidly anchor the bridge. With an implant, a post is surgically set in the bone and then the bridge is cemented to the post.

The Fixed Bridge Procedure

If you and Dr. Michel determine that a fixed bridge is the best option for replacing your missing teeth, then he will take x-rays, impressions and photos of the area in your mouth that requires the bridge. With these, he and the dental lab that fabricates your custom bridge can make sure yours perfectly fits your teeth, mouth and face. Then, he will prepare the teeth that will have crowns and take another impression of these to ensure that the bridge fits snuggly and precisely. While your fixed bridge is made, you’ll wear a temporary to protect your teeth and gum tissue. Once the bridge is ready, you’ll return to our office for Dr. Michel to cement the bridge into place.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you would like to learn more about fixed bridges, call our office today. Dr. Michael Michel and his team serve patients in Topeka, KS, as well as in Emporia, Lawrence and Manhattan and surrounding areas.

Restore Your Health with Gum Disease Therapy

October 8, 2014

Just like almost everything in life, from relationships to building a business, it is important to have a healthy, solid foundation in order to reap any sort of positive benefit. Though many people may think they can bypass all of the important groundwork in order to get things done quicker, it is crucial that you be sure you take care of the early stages as much as possible. The same can go for your smile. Many people may not know this, but your gums are the foundation to your smile, and it is very important to make sure you take just as much care of your gums as you do your teeth. Millions of people suffer from gum (periodontal) disease, and the scary thing is that they may not be aware of it. Because Dr. Michael E. Michel understands the importance of gum health with his patients, he offers gum disease therapy at his Topeka, KS dental office.

It is very important to make sure that you are aware of your status when it comes to gum disease, as leaving it unchecked can really be detrimental to your oral and bodily health. If left to its own devices, gum disease can put you more at risk for heart disease, stroke, tooth loss, bone loss, Alzheimer’s, dementia, respiratory complications, and much more. If you are unaware as to whether or not you are living with gum disease, a few symptoms are red and swollen gums, gums that bleed when you brush or floss, discoloration of the gums, and gums that are sensitive to the touch.

The ways that we tackle your gum disease is through scaling and root planing. Scaling is when we remove the harmful bacteria from below the gum line, allowing for your gum’s reattachment to the tooth and a healthier smile. Root planing involves smoothing out the rough surfaces on your tooth’s root that have become jagged due to the bacteria sitting on your smile. We will also develop a lesson plan with you, ensuring your gums will be healthy for years to come! If you would like Dr. Michel’s help taking care of you gum disease with gum disease therapy, contact our office today!

At Michel Dental, we offer quality dental care for a distinctive smile. Our Topeka dental office serves patients from Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Protect Your Smile with Porcelain Crowns!

July 7, 2014

With summer here, many people are making it a high priority making sure they look their absolute best. Whether it is visiting the gym more often or getting a haircut, people are making an effort in their appearance, knowing they will meet many new people and reconnect with old friends during the summer season. It can be very difficult living with a smile that you are unhappy with, leaving you to feel insecure and worried about how people may perceive you. Broken teeth can be displeasing to the eye, as well as result in declining oral health, and Dr. Michael Michel wants to make sure you have a smile that is complete, beautiful, and flawless by offering porcelain crowns to his patients.

If you have a broken or significantly damaged tooth, the entire Michel Dental team will be able to fix your smile with ease and comfort! A crown covers a broken tooth, and is also known as a dental cap because of the way it literally caps over the preexisting tooth structure. A crown is able to protect an already damaged tooth from any further harm, allowing the natural tooth to repair and be protected. The wonderful thing about your crown is the fact that it will match your natural tooth exactly. We are able to find the exact right shade of porcelain to match your natural tooth, so your smile looks natural and as organic as possible.

One of the great things about crowns is the fact that it does two jobs in one! Crowns are able to protect your teeth from wear and tear, while also making your smile look as natural as possible. Dr. Michael Michel, as well as the entire Michel Dental team, is here to make sure your smile is the best is has ever been, and we hope to deliver that to you! If you are curious as to how Dr. Michel can help protect your smile using crowns just in time for summer, make an appointment today!

At Michel Dental, we offer quality dental care for a distinctive smile. Our Topeka dental office serves patients from Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Make Your Smile Perfect with Cosmetic Bonding!

March 10, 2014

Like everything in life, things are susceptible to wear and tear. Whether your favorite shirt gets a stain or your car’s tires need to be rotated, all things go through life’s little knocks, and it is important to make sure you take care of those things. Believe it or not, your smile is no different. A few chips here and a stain there can really start to take its toll on your smile, and you may think there is nothing you can do about it. Luckily, Dr. Michael Michel is able to give her patients a new smile with the help of cosmetic bonding.

Cosmetic bonding is simple yet highly effective, as it gives you the ability to have a seamless smile in nearly no time at all! Cosmetic bonding can help those who have misaligned, misshapen, chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth, making it one of the easiest and most convenient ways to transform your smile. It works by mixing a bonding liquid and a plastic resin, then placing it on your teeth. Once the bonding is set via a light, Dr. Michel will smooth and polish it to look like your natural tooth! At the end of the procedure, you are left with nothing but a flawless, beautiful smile!

One of the benefits to cosmetic bonding is the fact it can restore the confidence you may have lost feeling insecure about your smile. When you are not completely confident in your smile, you may find it hard to be around others or make a memorable first impression. With this simple procedure, you will be able to be secure in the fact that your smile is faultless, and you will never second guess yourself again! If you are interested in cosmetic bonding and how Dr. Michel is able to help, call our office and we will be more than happy to assist you!

At Michel Dental, we offer quality dental care for a distinctive smile. Our Topeka dental office serves patients from Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry from Dr. Michel

November 29, 2013

Despite your best efforts, your smile can become damaged or suffer from decay over time. Before you get upset, give us a call at Michel Dental. We offer cosmetic restorative dentistry to help make sure that your smile is not only healthy but beautiful as well.

We think that is important to make sure that treatments that improve the health of your smile also help to improve the appearance as well. This is why we practice cosmetic restorative dentistry instead of offering both cosmetic and restorative dentistry services like other practices. By combining these two types of services, we can offer a better overall dental experience.

No matter what your smile concerns might be, chances are that we can help. We offer a variety of services, including the following:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Invisalign
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Crowns and bridges

If your smile could use some help, give us a call today. We can create a treatment plan using cosmetic restorative dentistry to help your smile become healthy, functional and attractive once again. Whether you have crooked teeth, stains, chips, or cavities, we can help address these issues for optimum smile health.

At Michel Dental, we offer quality dental care for a distinctive smile. Our Topeka dental office serves patients from Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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