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For a Smile that’s as good as New, Choose Dental Crowns from Dr. Michael Michel

February 10, 2015

Dental crowns have been an integral part of restorative dentistry for many years. So, getting a crown is nothing new. What is new about dental crowns is the ease with which the procedure is now completed and how lifelike your new “tooth” will look. With dental crowns, Dr. Michael Michel has restored many smiles for patients in Topeka, KS, and the surrounding areas, and he can do the same for you!

If you have been contending with a severely cracked or worn tooth, or a tooth that is damaged by extensive decay, then a dental crown—also called a dental cap—may be the perfect solution. A dental crown fully encapsulates a tooth that needs repair, thereby restoring appearance and function. Furthermore, a crown protects your tooth from further damage and help to maintain a proper bite.

Dental Crowns in Two Appointments

In most cases, a new dental crown requires only two appointments with Dr. Michel. At the first appointment, we’ll likely take an impression of your existing teeth that will be used as the template for creating a correctly shaped and sized crown. Then, Dr. Michel prepares the tooth to be outfitted with a crown, and another impression is taken in order to fabricate a crown that fits perfectly on top of the prepared tooth. You’ll leave this appointment wearing a temporary crown, while your custom crown is prepared in a cosmetic dental lab.

In about two weeks or so, you’ll return for your next appointment with Dr. Michel where he will cement your permanent crown to the prepared tooth. He will make sure your crown fits perfectly, gently filing and shaping the crown for a finish that looks and feels completely natural.

Call Our Office Today

If you would like to consult with Dr. Michel about receiving a dental crown, then please call our office to schedule an appointment. Located in Topeka, KS, we also conveniently serve patients in Emporia, Lawrence and Manhattan and surrounding areas.

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