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How Can Vaping Harm My Oral Health?

February 13, 2024

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Vaping device

In recent decades, many smokers have switched from conventional tobacco products to vaping in search of a healthier way to get a nicotine fix. While e-cigarettes and similar devices may deliver fewer toxins to the user than smoke, they still carry significant risks to their oral and overall health and have enticed many people who have never smoked before to take up the vaping habit. Here’s a brief list of the ways vaping can take its toll on your smile.


Be the Ultimate Valentine: 5 Oral Health Tips for Irresistible Kissability

January 19, 2024

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Couple with good oral health smiling on Valentine’s Day

Ah, love is in the air, and that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening with your partner or gearing up for a fun night out with friends, there’s one thing everyone wants: ultimate kissability! To ensure you’re at your best this Valentine’s Day, here are 5 expert tips to elevate your smile and your oral health to the top of their game.


Tooth-Friendly Delights: 4 Hors D’oeuvres for a Healthy Holiday

December 15, 2023

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A family sitting down for a tooth-friendly holiday meal

As the holiday season approaches, so do festive gatherings filled with delicious treats. But what if you’re trying to be conscious of your oral health? There aren’t a lot of tooth-friendly delights readily available, so you’ll have to make them yourself. Don’t worry, it’ll be simple!

Continue reading to find a curated list of four tooth-friendly hors d’oeuvres ideas. These will not only taste great but also contribute to a healthier smile during the festivities.


Happy Teeth, Happy Thanksgiving: 5 Tips for Tooth-Friendly Feasting

November 30, 2023

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A family enjoying Thanksgiving with good oral health

As Thanksgiving approaches, the anticipation of a delectable feast builds. While savoring the flavors of the season, it’s a good idea to ensure that your oral health remains a priority. This year, you can make your Thanksgiving celebration good for your teeth as well as your tongue!

If you want to make a delicious and smile-worthy feast this Thanksgiving, continue reading. You’ll be the talk of the house with these five tips.


Banish the Specter of Tooth Decay with These Halloween Dental Safety Tips

October 13, 2023

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Smiling spooky Halloween jack-o-lantern with teeth and a crazy face

Halloween is a time for tricks, scares, thrills, and dares, but it can be a hazardous time of year for your teeth. The human brain loves the taste of sugar because it is full of simple chemical energy that the body can easily absorb, and the teeming populations of tooth decay-causing bacteria that live in your mouth love it for exactly the same reason. If you find yourself having trouble resisting the temptation of overindulging your sweet tooth around Halloween, these tips can help you keep your teeth healthy and your cravings in check.


Does It Hurt to Remove Invisalign Attachments?

September 9, 2023

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Man smiling at his dentist who is holding an Invisalign aligner

Invisalign is the preferred orthodontic treatment among teens and adults because it’s virtually invisible. No brackets or wires are used to move your teeth. Instead, clear aligners are worn over your teeth for at least 22 hours per day. You’ll switch to the next set in the series every 1-2 weeks. Each aligner applies continual pressure to reposition your teeth in small increments. It’s not unusual to require attachments if major tooth movements are necessary. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt when they are taken off. Here’s what you can expect if you need attachments.


My Dental Bridge Fell Out! Now What?

August 15, 2023

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Shocked woman covering her mouth after her dental bridge fell out

Dental bridges are a great solution to replace missing teeth so that no one can tell that anything’s out of place. They consist of several custom-fitted false teeth that are attached together and anchored to natural teeth on either side for stability. Dental bridges help those with missing teeth avoid embarrassment over any holes in their smiles.

But what do you do if you’re out and about, or in the middle of a meal, and your dental bridge falls out? You probably have a lot of questions. Is it a dental emergency that requires you to get to be seen right away? What next steps do you need to take? It’s not the first time a dental bridge has fallen out of someone’s mouth, and it won’t be the last! Keep reading to learn more about why this happens and what you can do.


Be Prepared: What You Need for a Dental Emergency Kit

July 13, 2023

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Model tooth standing next to a medical first aid kit

Dental emergencies can strike from a variety of scenarios like tripping, sports injuries, an undetected infection, and biting too hard on something. If you ever have a tooth-related crisis, you’ll want to be prepared. A kit can give you some much-needed comfort while you make your way to the dentist’s office for treatment. Here are some tips on how to assemble your own dental emergency kit before you need one.


4 Reasons to Start Invisalign This Summer

June 8, 2023

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Young woman standing outside, holding Invisalign aligner

Are you eager to straighten your teeth but still have not gotten started with treatment? That is understandable; the orthodontic process can feel like a big undertaking. But right now is the perfect time to embark on your journey to a new smile! Why should you start Invisalign this summer? Here are four reasons:


What’s the Big Deal? Drinking Coffee with Invisalign Aligners

May 5, 2023

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Woman smiling and holding a warm cup of coffee in her hands

As you groggily walk into your favorite coffee shop, you look forward to taking that first, satisfying sip. When your order is up, you remember that your dentist told you to take out your Invisalign aligners first. You have an important choice—leave them in or remove them. If you struggle with this, then you might not fully understand why you need to follow your dentist’s instructions. Keep reading to get the inside scoop about drinking coffee with Invisalign.

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