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Don’t Believe These Myths About Root Canal in Silverlake

Sad woman with her hand on her blushed cheek Have you recently learned that you need a root canal to save an ailing tooth? If so, that’s actually great news. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out why a modern root canal is nothing to fear -- and how it’s the only thing that will help you keep your natural smile intact.

Root Canal Myths: Busted

While you may believe that a root canal is just about the worst case scenario at the dentist’s, it’s actually a routine procedure that shouldn’t result in any discomfort at all. In fact, it’s usually the original toothache that people mistake for causing pain. Teeth that need a root canal usually cause a considerable amount of discomfort before they are treated.

An endodontist is an expert in diagnosing and treating pain that originates in the interior of the tooth. Visiting a specialist for a root canal can help to ensure that the procedure is completed as comfortably and effectively as possible.

Aside from the famous pain myth, another misconception about root canals is that it is better to remove an aching tooth than to try to treat it. But that is simply not the case. It is always preferable to keep a tooth and leave your natural smile intact than to remove it. Because while options in tooth replacement are better than ever with implant dentistry, there is truly no substitute for the natural tooth.

Removing a tooth that needs root canal does not increase your risk of becoming ill, either -- another common myth. That rumor originates from research performed more than a century ago, before science really knew the cause of illnesses. By removing the infection at the source, we can actually reduce the risk that the infection will abscess and spread throughout the body.

The Danger in Root Canal Myths

These myths surrounding root canals aren’t only untrue -- they could actually be harmful to your health if you believe them. An ailing tooth requires treatment, plain and simple. Infected teeth should be attended to as soon as possible to keep the infection from spreading throughout the body. Avoiding treatment due to fear that it will be painful, uncomfortable, or expose you to illnesses can literally put your life at risk. In the worse cases, the infection can go directly to the brain and cause premature death. Don’t expose yourself to that considerable danger -- see your dentist at the first sign of an aching tooth instead.

Soothing Sedation

To ensure you are completely comfortable throughout the root canal procedure, your dentist can provide sedation in addition to local anesthesia to calm nerves and return you to good oral health. Inquire about your sedation options to learn which are available to you.

Questions? Talk to Us Today

If you have questions about an upcoming root canal, or to schedule an appointment with your trusted restorative dentist, do not hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Michel. He and his team look forward to helping you enjoy complete oral health once again. We invite you to request an appointment today!