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Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment for Silver Lake & Topeka

Everyone knows how sleep can affect your energy and even mood. Yet, did you know that it can affect your weight, blood pressure, increase your risk of diabetes, cause depression, and increase your risk for stroke, dying from cancer, and even sudden death as well?

Serious Risks to Your Health

Sleep apnea is a sleep breathing disorder that is defined as a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. You may have sleep apnea if you snore loudly and you feel tired even after a full night's sleep. Keep in mind, there are two main types of sleep apnea: obstructive sleep apnea, the more common form that occurs when throat muscles relax, and central sleep apnea, which occurs when your brain doesn't send proper signals to the muscles that control breathing.

A person with obstructive sleep apnea may experience shallow breathing and possibly pauses in breath, which may look disturbing.  The breathing interruptions can last anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, per breathing episode.  These disturbances cause an individual to attain restless sleep and consequently feel extremely fatigued during the day.  Take a look at these signs to see if you may be a candidate for sleep apnea:

Signs of Mild to Moderate Sleep Apnea

Signs of Severe Sleep Apnea

If any of the above questions pertain to you or a loved one, please contact Dr. Michael Michel at either his Silver Lake, KS office or Topeka, KS office today to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

During this appointment, we will examine your airway using specialized non-invasive equipment. You will be referred to a sleep physician or be given an in-home sleep testing unit, if your apnea appears to be mild-moderate. This is through a device called Embletta home sleep test.

Our staff will teach you how to use the Embletta and you’ll take it home that night to put to use. The next day you’ll drop it back to our office and a sleep professional will read your test results.

Next you’ll meet with the doctor to review your result. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea and fall within the mild to moderate range (or you tried the CPAP and cannot tolerate that treatment), Dr. Michel will create a custom fit, comfortable oral appliance. An oral appliance looks much like a mouth guard worn for sports or an orthodontic retainer. When worn while sleeping, it maintains an opened and unobstructed airway by repositioning your lower jaw slightly forward.

Call us today at (785) 273-0801 and you can be on your way to healthier sleep and feeling better!