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Dentures – Topeka & Silver Lake, KS

A Reliable, Affordable Way to Replace Teeth

If you have multiple gaps in a single arch of teeth or have lost the entire row of teeth, the Michel Dental team is here to help. Our dental prosthetics are all custom-made using high quality, long-lasting materials. Your new teeth will fit comfortably in your mouth, and they’ll keep you smiling throughout the day while you enjoy your favorite meals and enjoy talking with your friends and loved ones. If you want to learn more about partial and full denture, call our office today to set up a consultation with Dr. Michel or one of other knowledgeable dental experts.

Why Choose Michel Dental for Dentures & Partial Dentures?

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Man with dentures in Topeka & Silver Lake, KS sitting and smiling

You may be considered a candidate for dentures if you have lost multiple teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Other tooth replacement solutions are available, and which one is ideal for you depends on the results of a thorough dental examination. While we’re evaluating the extent of your tooth loss, we’ll also check for tooth decay, gum disease, and other potentially complicating problems; we’ll then adjust your treatment plan to account for these factors. By making sure your mouth is in optimal health, we can ensure the success of your dazzling new smile.

Types of Dentures

Set of full and partial dentures in Topeka & Silver Lake, KS on table

Getting dentures can mean one of three things. It might mean getting a partial denture to replace multiple teeth, getting full dentures to replace an entire arch, or getting implant dentures so that you can enjoy the benefits of new teeth with artificial roots. We can discuss each of these options in detail with you so that you can figure out which one offers the best way to restore your smile. Each type of denture can be customized for a more natural appearance as well as a comfortable fit.

Partial Dentures

You may be eligible for a partial denture if there are multiple gaps in your smile but still plenty of healthy teeth. A partial denture seamlessly fits into these empty spaces and is attached to the remaining natural teeth with a clasp. Most people won’t be able to tell which teeth are real and which are part of the prosthetic.

Full Dentures

Sometimes there aren’t enough teeth worth saving in an arch, at which point we may recommend extracting them and replacing the entire row with full dentures. The base of the denture will fit snugly on your gums and rely on natural suction to keep it in place whenever you talk or chew. You can also use a denture adhesive to give it more stability.

Implant Dentures

Traditional dentures continue to be used to this day for a reason, but combining them with dental implants is often the ideal choice. Implant posts surgically inserted into the jawbone give new teeth better stability and more chewing strength than they could provide on their own. In many ways, getting implant dentures is the next best thing to regaining your original teeth.

The Benefits of Dentures

Hand holding full dentures in Topeka & Silver Lake, KS

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

Dollar bill held by dentures in Topeka & Silver Lake, KS

As a classic method of replacing missing teeth, dentures have provided countless patients with a renewed ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence again after tooth loss. At Michel Dental, we don’t want money to be a barrier between you and a potentially life-changing treatment. Our team will happily walk you through the cost of dentures in Topeka & Silver Lake and give you the help you need to navigate the price of your new smile.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dentures

Older woman talking to dentist about dentures in Topeka & Silver Lake, KS

Not all dentures are created equally. Each prosthetic is individually designed to meet your unique needs. That said, there are three main factors that impact the cost of dentures:

When you visit us for a consultation, your denture dentist in Topeka & Silver Lake will go over these factors with you and provide you with a cost estimate you can trust.

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

Implant dentures in Topeka & Silver Lake, KS being placed

While implant dentures have a higher initial price than traditional ones, they could potentially last up to four times longer. Because dental implants are made from biocompatible titanium, they fuse to the jawbone. Not only does this create a more reliable foundation for your new teeth, but it also stimulates the bone and oral tissues to keep your face looking young. In short, implant dentures are a great investment that could prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

Finger pressing a key that says “Dental Insurance”

More often than not, yes! The majority of dental insurance providers cover a portion of the cost of dentures. At Michel Dental, we generally accept all dental insurance plans and are even in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental, United Concordia, Cigna, and Guardian DentalGuard Network. We can even handle all of the paperwork for you, making the process of reconstructing your smile so much easier!

Other Options for Making Dentures Affordable

Piggy bank next to dentures in Topeka & Silver Lake, KS

If you’re uninsured, we have other options of making dentures in Topeka & Silver Lake affordable. One such option is CareCredit, a financing company that offers multiple payment plans to choose from. Most of these plans come with very low or even zero interest for eligible patients.

If you’re looking to save on more than just dentures, we have our very own in-house alternative to insurance – our Smile Savings Plan. For one low yearly fee, you get FREE preventive care and a 15% discount on most other services, including dentures.

Denture FAQs

Older man with dentures in Topeka & Silver Lake, KS looking in mirror

Dentures are one of the most popular solutions for tooth replacement. However, if you’re considering this option, you may be curious about various aspects of dentures. Dr. Michel wants his patients to have all the information they need to feel confident in their treatment. That’s why he’s included the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about dentures. Read on to learn some of the most significant denture FAQ’s in Topeka & Silver Lake.

How Long Will My Dentures Last?

With proper care, dentures can last at least 5 to 7 years. However, to get the most out of your dentures, it’s vital to maintain them by cleaning your prosthesis and your mouth daily. You will also visit our office for routine checkups, where we can make any adjustments to your dentures if needed. Typically, you will need what is called a reline, which allows us to adjust your denture to be more comfortable in your mouth as time goes on.

What’s Life with Dentures Like?

When you first get your dentures, there is a slight adjustment period. It may feel different to chew, speak, and smile, but these routine activities will quickly get easier. Saying certain words may be especially difficult at first, but you can certainly improve your speech by practicing in the mirror. After this short time getting used to your dentures, you’ll be able to speak, eat, and grin with the ultimate confidence of having a full smile. 

What Type of Denture is Best for Me?

Because no two smiles are the same, the only way to know with certainty what type of denture is best for you is to visit our office for a consultation. Dr. Michel will carefully examine your mouth, the condition of your oral health, and your pattern of tooth loss. From there, he will develop a personalized treatment plan with a recommendation that will provide amazing results. Typically, patients who are missing teeth more randomly throughout their mouth are candidates for partial dentures. If you’re missing all or most of your teeth, full dentures are probably the perfect solution. And, if you want the most stable smile available, implant-retained dentures could be the right option!

How Much Will My Dentures Cost?

There are various types of dentures, which is why the cost of your treatment will vary. After examining your mouth, Dr. Michel will need to treat any preexisting problems like gum disease, which may impact the overall cost of your treatment. Keep in mind that usually the more teeth you need replacing, the higher the cost of your dentures will be. Additionally, implant-retained dentures will typically have a higher price tag than traditional dentures.


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office!

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