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Dentist in Topeka Says No Need to Fear a Root Canal

November 16, 2015

If there’s one thing people misunderstand when it comes to dentistry, it’s root canals. As your trusted dentist in Topeka, Dr. Michael Michel is here to tell you this: root canals really aren’t all that bad. In fact, most patients who have had root canal therapy say it’s nothing compared to the pain they suffered as a result of their severely aching tooth. If you’ve got a root canal coming up in Topeka, educate yourself on what to expect — and you’ll have no fear at all! Keep reading for more from Dr. Michel today.

Root Canal Therapy Restores The Health of Your Tooth

If you’ve got severely damaged tooth, a root canal can be the only route to restoration. This therapy is necessary when the tooth’s nerve has been infected or its pulp has been damaged.

The Root Canal Procedure: What to Expect

When you undergo root canal therapy with Dr. Michel, you can expect the procedure to be carried out over one to two visits, depending on the extent of the damage.

In your first visit, Dr. Michel will take x-rays and put together an effective treatment plan for your root canal therapy. Then a local anaesthetic will be administered to ensure you feel no pain during the procedure.

The rest of your root canal therapy is completed in two steps:

  1. First, Dr. Michel drills a hole into the tooth to remove the pulp, bacteria, decayed nerve and any related debris. This cleans out the tooth completely.
  2. Once the tooth has been completely cleaned, Dr. Michel seals it with a filling. This step that may be carried over to a second appointment, to allow the tooth time to heal from the initial treatment.

What to Expect After Your Root Canal Therapy

Once your root canal therapy is complete, you’ll notice extreme relief in what was once your aching tooth — a much-needed solution for anyone suffering from a severe toothache. Your tooth may feel sensitive in the first few days following your treatment, but you can feel comforted knowing the pain is easily treated with an over-the-counter medication.

After your root canal procedure, it’s crucial you maintain excellent oral hygiene habits for your newly restored tooth and the rest of your mouth. Continue to brush for two minutes, twice a day, floss daily and visit your Topeka dentist every six months.

Schedule Your Topeka Appointment Today

If you’ve got a severely decayed tooth, or if it’s been awhile since your last dental checkup, don’t hesitate to contact the office of Dr. Michael Michel to schedule your appointment. We help Topeka neighbors keep their healthy smiles for a lifetime — call us today!

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