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June 21, 2013

Repairing Teeth with Inlays and Onlays

Did you know that you have another alternative to a crown for repairing large fillings? At Michel Dental, we can also restore your teeth using inlays and onlays. These are more conservative choices to help repair your teeth, as they retain more of your natural tooth structure.

This tooth restoration method is in between a filling and a crown. Inlays and onlays attach to your tooth in much the same way as a filling, but are milled porcelain like a crown. On the top of your teeth are bumps known as cusps. Inlays go in between cusps, while onlays fit over them.

No matter which one is right for your teeth, inlays and onlays are great choices because they allow you to retain more of your natural tooth structure. The more of your tooth you can keep, the healthier your smile is. You’ll have a natural-looking, fully restored tooth that will function like normal once again.

Inlays and onlays can be another great option to repair your smile. If you have a large cavity or old filling that needs repairing, this can be a great alternative to a crown. Since this option isn’t right for everyone, give us a call today to see if this cosmetic restorative dentistry technique can work for your smile.

At Michel Dental, we offer quality dental care for a distinctive smile. Our Topeka dental office serves patients from Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

May 3, 2013

Gum Disease and Periodontics in Topeka

Despite our best efforts, our teeth or gums can still fall victim to decay or disease. Gum disease is a condition that is often symptomless and can lead to serious smile problems if left untreated. Michel Dental offers periodontics to help restore your gums and keep you from losing a tooth or gum tissue.

Gum disease is an infection of the gums caused by built up tartar on the surface of your teeth. If it’s allowed to progress, it could cause you to lose a tooth or worse. Also, the infection can spread throughout your body, increasing your risk of heart disease, pulmonary infections, and other health concerns.

We offer a four-part, non-surgical approach to treat your gum disease which is as follows:

  1. We remove the bacteria that caused the infection by a deep cleaning or antibiotics.
  2. We determine what caused the infection, and come up with ways to keep it from happening again.
  3. If you’ve lost bone, we will try and repair this and ensure your smile keeps functioning properly
  4. We’ll come up with a plan to reduce your risk of further infections.

With periodontics from Dr. Michel, we can treat your gum disease and restore the health of your smile. If you think you might have gum disease or haven’t seen us in a while, give us a call today to schedule an appointment. This is an important part of our preventative smile care.

At Michel Dental, we offer quality dental care for a distinctive smile. Our Topeka dental office serves patients from Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

March 29, 2013

Replace Missing Teeth With Fixed Bridges

You can lose your teeth for a variety of reasons. No matter whether the cause was an accident, injury, gum disease, or aging, there is help. At Michel Dental, we offer fixed bridges to help replace your missing teeth and maintain the health of the rest of your teeth.

It is important to replace missing teeth to restore function to your smile, correct your bite, and prevent the rest of your teeth from shifting to fill the gap. Since everyone has different smile needs, we offer a variety of bridge solutions to be able to help all of our patients.

A bridge is composed of the false teeth used to replace your missing teeth. The method used will depend on the health of your remaining teeth and the location of the missing teeth in your smile. Your bridge could be placed by using crowns on healthy neighboring teeth to anchor it in your smile. If the neighboring teeth aren’t healthy enough to support this, we can use dental implants and insert a metal post into your jaw to attach the bridge.

It is important to make sure you take care of your fixed bridge as you would your other natural teeth. With the proper care and attention, it may last about eight to ten years. Fixed bridges are a great way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile.

At Michel Dental, we offer quality dental care for a distinctive smile. Our Topeka dental office serves patients from Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.


February 26, 2013

Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry from Dr. Michel

It is important that your teeth are both beautiful and functional. Cosmetic restorative dentistry from Dr. Michel is a great way to ensure this. We will repair damage and restore your teeth, while also ensuring that your smile looks attractive as well.

Dr. Michel focuses on your smile as a whole and thus views cosmetic and restorative dentistry as being interconnected. He feels that all restorative dentistry should also help to improve the appearance of your teeth, as well as repairing the damage that brought you into the office originally.

We offer a variety of cosmetic restorative dental services, including the following:

No matter what your smile needs, we’re here to get your smile functional and looking beautiful. We offer services such as tooth-colored fillings that blend the restorative with the cosmetic. Not only will any damage or decay to your teeth be restored, but it will be performed in an esthetically pleasing manner.

If cosmetic restorative dentistry sounds like something you’d be interested in, give us a call to schedule a consultation and learn more. We want all our patients to have a healthy and beautiful set of teeth.

At Michel Dental, we offer quality dental care for a distinctive smile. Our Topeka dental office serves patients from Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

October 31, 2012

Get Your Smile Ready for the Holidays with Dr. Michael E. Michel

Cracked a tooth on some Halloween candy? Lost your dentures while bobbing for apples? Just need a cleaning for that sweet tooth of yours? Dr. Michel can help, just in time for the holidays!

Get ready to smile again for all those pictures you’ll take with your family and friends. Greet your loved ones with confidence! Whether you want your teeth straightened or whitened, we can help. From porcelain veneers to crowns and fillings, eat that turkey and pumpkin pie with confidence and ease. If you have crooked or oddly-spaced teeth, you don’t have to wait a whole year with porcelain veneers. With only two or three appointments, you can be finished. Yes, it’s that easy.

If you’re interested in whitening, Dr. Michel offers two convenient options for patients: you can either have your procedure done in the office or you can take it home and do it yourself. Want fast results? Consider in-office teeth whitening. It only takes an hour and you can have your teeth looking close to ten times whiter than before. For patients who aren’t in a hurry or have experienced sensitivity in the past, consider our take-home whitening option. With take-home teeth whitening, you can use custom-made bleaching trays and professional bleaching gel. In only a few days, you can reach your goal of a brighter, cleaner smile!

And remember, Michel Dental can also help if you have sleep apnea or snoring issues. If you’re afraid your snoring will wake all the relatives up at your house, Dr. Michel can introduce you to the Oasys Sleep Snoring Device. Your custom-made Oasys Sleep Snoring Device repositions your lower jaw or your tongue to keep those airways open throughout the night. Say goodbye to snoring and breathing problems caused by sleep apnea. You, and everyone around you, will appreciate it.

Call Michel Dental today to find out how Dr. Michel and our team can help with your various needs. We specialize in cosmetic restorative and preventative dentistry, TMJ therapy, as well as endodontics and periodontics. We happily serve patients from Topeka, Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas.

Happy Holidays!

July 29, 2011

Choose Michel Dental for Your Cosmetic, Restorative, and Preventive Dentistry Needs

Are you considering a service like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, or cosmetic bonding? Does your smile need a crown, a fixed bridge, or inlays and onlays? Or maybe you just need a comfortable, caring office in the Topeka area where you can come for regular checkups and cleanings.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for help with cosmetic-restorative or preventive dentistry, Dr. Michel and his friendly team can help. We offer a wide range of cosmetic services to help you transform your smile and boost your confidence. And to help your teeth stay strong and healthy, we can help with checkups, periodontics, and even sleep apnea treatment.

Moreover, Dr. Michel knows that dentistry is an evolving industry and remains committed to expanding on his knowledge and experience through courses in continuing education.  Among the classes he’s taken, many have focused on diagnosing and treating temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. And as part of staying up-to-date with all the latest changes in the dental industry, he is an active member of both the American Dental Association and the Kansas Dental Association.

Quality, State-of-the-Art Care

To find out more about any one of our services, or to schedule appointment with Dr. Michel, contact our Topeka office. We serve patients from Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas.

Give us a call today!

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