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Composite Resin Fillings

curly haired young woman showing off her new white smileHave you had amalgam fillings placed in your smile before to treat cavities? While effective enough, patients who undergo this treatment now have noticeable silver spots in their otherwise white teeth, which could result in plummeting self-esteem. Here in Silver Lake and Topeka, our dental team is happy to recommend an alternative – composite resin fillings. This quality mixture is able to restore decayed teeth to a strong and aesthetically pleasing state.

Composite resin isn’t a metallic material, and because of this, Dr. Michael Michel can create the perfect, seamless shade for your natural smile. Tooth-colored fillings are also designed to actually strengthen the tooth and protect it from possible breakage, and our team is able to preserve the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure, which is a great benefit for both you and our team’s dedicated to practicing conservative dentistry.

Once your composite filling has been placed, it’s perfectly normal to experience some temporary sensitivity. Also, it’s ideal if patients limit their use of foods and liquids that stain due to the possibility that the fillings could become discolored over time. We can place a clear plastic sealant to help prevent this from happening, though. If you’re in need of a filling, don’t wait – contact our team at Michel Dental today!