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Restore Your Health with Gum Disease Therapy

October 8, 2014

Just like almost everything in life, from relationships to building a business, it is important to have a healthy, solid foundation in order to reap any sort of positive benefit. Though many people may think they can bypass all of the important groundwork in order to get things done quicker, it is crucial that you be sure you take care of the early stages as much as possible. The same can go for your smile. Many people may not know this, but your gums are the foundation to your smile, and it is very important to make sure you take just as much care of your gums as you do your teeth. Millions of people suffer from gum (periodontal) disease, and the scary thing is that they may not be aware of it. Because Dr. Michael E. Michel understands the importance of gum health with his patients, he offers gum disease therapy at his Topeka, KS dental office.

It is very important to make sure that you are aware of your status when it comes to gum disease, as leaving it unchecked can really be detrimental to your oral and bodily health. If left to its own devices, gum disease can put you more at risk for heart disease, stroke, tooth loss, bone loss, Alzheimer’s, dementia, respiratory complications, and much more. If you are unaware as to whether or not you are living with gum disease, a few symptoms are red and swollen gums, gums that bleed when you brush or floss, discoloration of the gums, and gums that are sensitive to the touch.

The ways that we tackle your gum disease is through scaling and root planing. Scaling is when we remove the harmful bacteria from below the gum line, allowing for your gum’s reattachment to the tooth and a healthier smile. Root planing involves smoothing out the rough surfaces on your tooth’s root that have become jagged due to the bacteria sitting on your smile. We will also develop a lesson plan with you, ensuring your gums will be healthy for years to come! If you would like Dr. Michel’s help taking care of you gum disease with gum disease therapy, contact our office today!

At Michel Dental, we offer quality dental care for a distinctive smile. Our Topeka dental office serves patients from Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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