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Silver Lake Dentist Says Come for a Back to School Exam

September 7, 2016

School is starting! While you’re searching out deals on shoes, backpacks or locker accessories, have you scheduled your child’s back to school check-up with Dr. Michael E. Michel, Silver Lake dentist?

Children Need Regular Dental Care

Preventive dental care is crucial for the entire family–children through adults in their senior years. Young teeth and gums need attention to prevent decay, gum disease and other issues harmful to overall health and to how well kids perform in school.

The American Dental Association  (ADA) says that over 50 percent of school-age children (5 to 9 years old) have at least one cavity that has been treated or needs treatment. Routine dental screenings by age 3 can reduce that statistic, and keep kids working at their best academically.

What Happens During an Exam

Dr. Michel  is known for his warm and welcoming way, especially with how he examines and treats the youngest of his dental patients.

A routine dental exam with your family dentist in Silver Lake consists of:

  • Visual inspection for tooth decay, gum disease and proper tooth alignment
  • Digital X-rays to check on tooth eruption and jaw development
  • A hygienic cleaning to remove sticky plaque and hard tartar and to polish teeth

During pediatric check-ups, Dr. Michel and his team teach children how to brush and floss correctly, and they stress a healthy, low-sugar diet. The team informs mom and dad of needed treatments and about mouthguards for sports and playground activities. The ADA recommends children receive orthodontic screening by age seven.

Fluoride and Sealants Protect Young Teeth

People have used fluoride toothpastes and mouth rinses for years, but did you know that in-office fluoride treatments are an additional line of defense against tooth decay?  Applied on exposed tooth surfaces, especially at the gum line and in deep grooves on pre-molars, fluoride treatments are fast and economical. Fluoride treatments protect teeth with restorations and metal bracket and wire braces. They benefit adults, too.

Plastic sealants guard against decay, especially in the back teeth. Consisting of a painted on varnish, dental sealants go on smoothly. Dr. Michel hardens the material with a special curing  light. Sealants last for years without re-application. They keep the acid secreted by oral bacteria from eating away at tooth enamel.

Find Dental Problems Early

Dr Michael E.. Michel encourages parents to establish their kids’ dental habits early on. This routine intervention keeps teeth and gums healthy and catches small oral health problems before they become complex. Remember, baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth!

Now’s the time to schedule that back to school oral exam and hygienic cleaning. Contact Michel Dental for your appointment with the best children’s and family dentist in Silver Lake, Michael E. Michel DDS.

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