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Your Kids Could Benefit Greatly From Practicing Good Dental Habits – See Silver Lake Family Dentist, Dr. Michel

August 20, 2015

It’s really easy to take care of your teeth. Like, almost too easy. You know the drill: when a dental problem occurs you call our office in Silver Lake, KS and ask to see Dr. Michel. Then, if there is treatment or a procedure that needs to be performed, you schedule a time to get it done. That’s it. End of story. We think we do a great job at keeping people’s smile as healthy as possible. There’s only so much we can do on our end, though. We typically see problems as they are developing or after signs have been noticed, not before. We can pinpoint possible problematic areas for sure, but keeping problems from becoming bigger ones is all up to you.

Think about your kids for a second. They receive excellent dental care at our office but are they practicing good dental hygiene at home? If you’re not sure, we suggest sitting in on one of their morning routines and take note of what they are and aren’t doing correctly. There’s a lot you can learn about how your kids approach their oral health. If they could use a few pointers and some assistance, put on your cape and turn into Super Mom or Super Dad.

Head Your Kids Down the Path To Great Oral Health

Brushing is a very important task for everyone, not just adults. Young mouths need all the dental help they can get simply because their mouths are still in development-mode. It’s recommended to start taking care of your kids’ teeth as soon as their baby teeth arrive. Once school is in session, the risk of developing oral disease is astronomical. Teaching them quality habits can keep them on the road to great dental health for years to come.

Good dental habits go a long way in deciding whether or not your dental health will be up to snuff. Think about your kids and how wonderful it will be for them to grow up with beautiful and healthy teeth. Heed these recommendations:

  • Teach them proper brushing mechanics (hold toothbush at angle, brush front and back surfaces, etc.)
  • Help them floss.
  • Teach and practice healthy eating.
  • Never, ever smoke around your kids. (You’re putting a lot more than just their dental health at risk)
  • Accept that dental emergencies happen a lot with kids, then come see us.

You can be the difference kids need in order to help their smiles looking and feeling great. There’s only so much we can do on our end, but you’re where it all starts. Care for your kids teeth as you would your own.

Schedule A Checkup Today With a Great Silver Lake Dentist

Now is a great time for regular checkup with school just around the corner. Dr. Michel is the Silver Lake general dentist you can trust your family’s teeth with. We make a habit out of giving people beautiful smiles. Our Silver Lake, KS office accepts patients from all over, including Pauline, Berryton, Tecumseh, Menoken and beyond.


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