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Oral Health and Overall Health Are Always Linked

August 19, 2015

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Your entire body is linked together in a very complex way. Any problems that one area of the body experiences can be felt in an entirely different place. Don’t believe us? Think about how you feel the next time the flu hits. It isn’t just your stomach that hurts, it’s the combination of headaches and body aches that brings you to your knees. It’s all a perfect example of how much your body relies on its other parts to survive.

Let’s switch gears and discuss why oral health is so important. Disease and other infections can plague your mouth. They can damage your smile so much that teeth may end up going missing or will need to be extracted in order to save your entire oral health. Infections don’t mess around and can become fatal if not properly treated. At Michel Dental in Silver Lake, KS, we always want patients to know how important it is to keep their oral health in optimal shape. It isn’t just a toothache you have to worry about because it could be much, much worse. Let Dr. Michael Michel be the Silver Lake dentist you can trust.

Good Oral Health Keeps Your Body Moving

As stated before, some dental problems can become fatal if not treated in time. Though these are very rare instances, it’s still important to note. When we talk about oral health affecting your overall health, we mean business. Take a look at some of the associated risks that come along with poor dental heatlh:

  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Heart attacks become more frequent
  • A stroke is a possibility
  • Cancer has been known to develop
  • High-blood pressure is a usual side-effect
  • And many more risks are increased
  • An uptick in diabetes cases

If you are presently dealing with a cavity or any other type of problem that is causing you significant pain or discomfort, we highly advise you to visit our office and receive treatment immediately. Just like you would receive help for a broken bone or any other traumatic injury, your teeth are just as important in keeping your health in peak form. Infections can ruin your day as well as your entire wellbeing, so get it treated right the first time. Dr. Michel is our favorite Silver Lake dentist!

Don’t Put Your Overall Health At Risk – Schedule An Appointment

Oral issues don’t care where or when they pop up – their mission is to break down your teeth and run roughshod all over your smile. You can fight back by coming to our office and receiving the treatment that is necessary to kill bacteria. Our friendly staff in Silver Lake, KS is ready to help! If you live in the neighboring cities of Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, Topeka and beyond. Dr. Michel is the Silver Lake family dentist that can keep your oral health in fantastic shape.

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