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Heal an Infected Tooth with Endodontics from Dr. Michael Michel in Topeka, KS

January 10, 2015

Although most people are inclined to pay closer attention to the outside of their teeth—their color, shape and position—if a toothache happens, then chances are it’s time to pay attention to the inside of that tooth. More often than not, a toothache is a sign of infection in the tooth’s pulp, the soft tissue inside your tooth. Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the health of your internal tooth structure, or the pulp. If you have a tooth with internal infection or damage, then Dr. Michael Michel in Topeka, KS, will likely recommend a root canal to save the tooth from extraction.

Get to the Root of the Problem with Endodontics

Despite a bad reputation, a root canal is not a painful procedure thanks to anesthesia and modern dental techniques. In fact, a root canal is meant to relieve the pain of a tooth with internal infection or damage. The inside of each tooth is made up of nerve tissue, lymph tissue and blood vessels. If this dental pulp is traumatized, whether by decay-causing bacteria, a severe fracture or a hard blow to the face, then the tooth begins to die. A root canal can eliminate the infection and save the tooth, thereby preventing the need for extraction.

The Root Canal Procedure

Once your tooth is anesthetized, Dr. Michel will gently work to remove the infected tissue and any ensuing debris from canals inside the tooth’s roots. Then, the canals are filled with a biocompatible material. Finally, your tooth will be prepared for a crown that will Dr. Michel will place on the tooth to protect it from any further damage.

Call Our Office Today

If you are experiencing the pain of a toothache, then please schedule an appointment as soon as possible with Dr. Michael Michel in Topeka, KS, to determine whether or not a root canal is needed. Our endodontics services are also available to patients in Topeka, Emporia, Lawrence and Manhattan and surrounding areas.

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