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How Gum Disease Can Affect Your Heart

May 22, 2014

It is no surprise that something that affects one area of your body has the potential to affect another area. Though it may seem odd to some, our bodies are connected and weaved together, so our systems do not work independently of each other. This cause-and-effect relationship our body has can be wonderful, but depending on what is going on, it can also be detrimental. There have been many studies that support the idea that periodontal disease (gum disease) has been linked to heart disease, and the reasons how they are connected may surprise you.

Bacteria from the mouth can enter the blood stream, making a beeline for your heart. The bacteria in your mouth can be found in your arteries, slowly clogging them while simultaneously lessening the blood flow to your heart. Also, because your body is filled with natural defense mechanisms, such as swelling, the bacteria from your mouth has the possibility to cause your blood cells to sweet, narrowing an artery and increasing your risk of clots. With blockages such as these, it is not too difficult to connect the health of your mouth with the health of your heart.

One of the ways you can keep the bacteria in your mouth at a minimum is by flossing and brushing every day, preferably after every meal. The longer bacteria are able to sit in your mouth, the better the chance of it entering your bloodstream and making its way to your heart. With simple preventative measures, your mouth, as well as your heart, can be happy and healthy.

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