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Are Dental Implants an Upgrade from Healthy Teeth?

May 6, 2024

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In a world with high-speed internet and roaming cybertrucks, it sometimes does feel like we’re living in a sci-fi novel. You might be thinking it’s only a matter of time before natural human anatomy is integrated with fancy cybernetics.

Dental implants certainly seem to fit the bill at first. They’re durable and retain incredible bite force. “Why not just upgrade all of my teeth to dental implants?” some might wonder.

Dental implants are an incredible option – when used as replacements. Here’s why they’re not a good steppingstone for your quest to become a cyborg.

Dental Implants are High-Functioning – So are Healthy Teeth

It’s true that dental implants retain an impressive amount of bite force. Dentures weigh in at about 30%, which restricts your food choices. Dental implants shoot the numbers up to 80%! However, they’re still compared to a standard – that standard being your natural teeth. Healthy pearly whites function with 100% bite power.

Dental Implants Improve Oral Fitness – Healthy Teeth are Already in Their Prime

Then there’s the health concerns. Dental implant treatment is low-risk, and the implants themselves do provide benefits as replacements.

When there are gaps in your smile, over time, your jawbone will recede around the empty areas. This can cause facial sagging and further tooth loss. After replacing the gap with a dental implant, your jawbone suddenly has something to grab onto. Once it integrates with your implant, that bone isn’t going anywhere.

Your healthy teeth are already providing this benefit! Plus, it’s simply not a good idea to extract that many teeth for an unnecessary replacement. That’s a lot of physical trauma for your gums to handle.

Keeping Healthy Teeth is Less Expensive than Dental Implant Replacement

Finally, dental implants aren’t exactly cheap. There are ways to afford them if you need them, and – if you need them! – you’ll get your money’s worth by avoiding more expensive complications related to bone loss. When the expense is unnecessary, it’s difficult to justify that price tag.

Enhancements that are Much Closer to Cybernetics

Overall, dental implants are optimal as replacements. They’re not going to be the new wave, high-tech dental enhancements you might be hoping for. If you’re wanting to upgrade your healthy teeth, ask your dentist about cosmetic dental treatments instead. Options like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening can improve the aesthetics of your smile without completely replacing your healthy pearly whites.

We get it. Dental implants are cool. Profressionals won’t recommend replacing your healthy teeth, but don’t worry. If you lose a tooth or two because of injury or age, they’ll still be around. Then, your dentist would be happy to offer them as a replacement option.

About the Practice

Drs. Michael E. Michel and Michael Weber are patient-first dentists. They’ll prioritize your dental health and needs, using their wealth of experience to find the best-fit treatment solution for you. Whether you’re looking to fill in dental gaps with dental implants or to add some cosmetic excitement to your pearly whites, they’ve got you covered! Give their office a call at 785-273-0801 or explore their website for more information.

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