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Does It Hurt to Remove Invisalign Attachments?

September 9, 2023

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Man smiling at his dentist who is holding an Invisalign aligner

Invisalign is the preferred orthodontic treatment among teens and adults because it’s virtually invisible. No brackets or wires are used to move your teeth. Instead, clear aligners are worn over your teeth for at least 22 hours per day. You’ll switch to the next set in the series every 1-2 weeks. Each aligner applies continual pressure to reposition your teeth in small increments. It’s not unusual to require attachments if major tooth movements are necessary. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt when they are taken off. Here’s what you can expect if you need attachments.

Who Needs Invisalign Attachments?

Attachments can be needed if you have a large gap you need to close or severe overcrowding. Attachments provide a grip for your clear aligners to keep them in place. The tiny fixtures are bonded to your teeth using a composite resin. 

Although it’s not uncommon to require attachments, they aren’t always necessary. Your dentist will determine if you need them during your initial consultation. They will also explain how many you’ll need to achieve optimal results.

Benefits of Invisalign Attachments

If your dentist recommends attachments, you don’t have to worry about them increasing the cost of your treatment. They are included in your estimate because they offer many benefits, including:

  • Provide anchorage points for your aligners.
  • Tighter fit to prevent aligners from falling off.
  • Supports better tooth movements.

You will not have any pain when they are bonded to your teeth. You won’t even need a local numbing agent. 

Do Invisalign Attachments Hurt?

You may have some minor tenderness for a couple of days after your dentist applies your attachments. The discomfort is caused by the added pressure on your teeth to move them more quickly. Any tenderness will subside in a day or two, but it can reoccur when switching to the next set of aligners. The likelihood of pain decreases as you progress through your treatment. You can manage any discomfort with an OTC pain reliever and eating soft foods.

Does It Hurt to Take Attachments Off?

Your dentist will use a small drill to remove your attachments, which is a pain-free process. After your attachments are removed, your dentist will polish and smooth your teeth. Although every situation differs, the removal process can take 15-60 minutes, depending on the number of attachments.

Don’t let attachments discourage you from achieving your straight, healthy smile. They are an important step to ensure your investment is successful. 

About Dr. Michael Michel

Dr. Michel has over 40 years of experience in dentistry. After earning his dental degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, he has regularly continued his education to provide up-to-date services, like Invisalign. Request an appointment through his website or call (785) 582-0185.

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