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Be Prepared: What You Need for a Dental Emergency Kit

July 13, 2023

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Model tooth standing next to a medical first aid kit

Dental emergencies can strike from a variety of scenarios like tripping, sports injuries, an undetected infection, and biting too hard on something. If you ever have a tooth-related crisis, you’ll want to be prepared. A kit can give you some much-needed comfort while you make your way to the dentist’s office for treatment. Here are some tips on how to assemble your own dental emergency kit before you need one.

Tools of Dental First Aid

The point of a kit is to have everything you need in one available and mobile place, so you should start with some sort of bag or case to hold everything. After that, you’ll need some tools and supplies.:

Medical-grade gloves

There are some cases where you will need to treat someone else. Since some people have a latex allergy, you’ll want medical-grade gloves. They will protect you from germs and keep you from having to handle someone else’s saliva.


It can be hard to see in someone’s mouth. Use one of these tools in case you need some visibility in those hard-to-reach places.

Alcohol wipes

Use these to clean and disinfect your tools. This will help prevent infections.

Gauze pads and cotton balls

These can stop bleeding or cushion a cheek. Be sure to pack them hygienically.

Orthodontic wax

This is useful in particular for orthodontic patients. Sometimes a loose wire can irritate somebody with braces. Putting a little wax on a pointy edge can ease the discomfort.

Dental floss

Sometimes pain in the teeth is caused by bits of food stuck between them. Floss will clear that out in a jiffy.

Petroleum jelly

You can apply this to a dislodged crown to slip it back into place. This provides a temporary seal until you can get a dentist’s attention.

Medicine for Oral Maladies

There’s a selection of over-the-counter products that can help in a dental emergency. Some remedies that are good for your kit include:


An old and cheap remedy, a teaspoon of salt can help ease oral pain and sores when combined with a cup of water and swished like mouthwash.


This can treat oral ulcers and canker sores. Its primary ingredient is also found in cough drops.


A local anesthetic, this can help ease pain resulting from soft tissue damage. It can also be used for temporary relief for teething children.


This common over-the-counter medicine is a good pain reliever for dental emergencies. However, do not use it on bleeding patients as it can make the bleeding worse.

Having all this packed and ready to go is a great way to minimize the stress of common dental emergencies. It can be ready to go with you on long car rides or on an airplane if the containers are small enough. You can’t beat the peace of mind of having a dental emergency kit ready, except by having it when you need it.

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