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April 6, 2023

What Do I Do If My Invisalign Aligner Doesn’t Fit?

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Having properly fitting Invisalign aligners is crucial for achieving the desired results in your orthodontic treatment. If you’re facing challenges with your aligners not fitting properly, it’s important to understand the potential causes and know what steps to take to address the issue. Continue reading as we discuss common factors that can affect the fit of Invisalign aligners and provide helpful tips on how to overcome these challenges for a successful treatment journey.

How Should an Invisalign Aligner Feel?

In the early stages of wearing Invisalign aligners, it’s normal to experience some discomfort due to the necessary tightness for effective teeth movement. While the aligners apply pressure, they also need to allow room for teeth to shift, leading to minor gaps initially.

As your teeth begin to shift, the Invisalign aligners will gradually fit more comfortably. If you continue to experience persistent pain or discomfort, it’s important to consult your orthodontist. They will assess your situation and determine if any adjustments are needed for optimal comfort and progress.

How Will I Know if My Aligner Doesn’t Fit?

Differentiating between normal discomfort and potential issues with the fit of your Invisalign aligners can be challenging. It’s important to pay attention to any persistent discomfort or unusual sensations and seek professional assistance to ensure your aligners fit properly and address any concerns.

Typically, the initial discomfort with Invisalign aligners subsides within a week or two, and subsequent trays should only feel slightly tight for a short period. If you continue to experience discomfort beyond this timeframe, it’s important to address it as it may indicate an issue.

What Do I Do If My Aligner Doesn’t Fit?

If you notice your Invisalign aligner rubbing against your gums or lips, it might indicate an improper fit. It’s important to inform your orthodontist about this issue so that they can make the necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable and effective treatment.

By consulting with your orthodontist, they can assess any potential problems and determine if the discomfort you’re feeling is within the normal range. In cases where the aligner is broken or warped, they may recommend progressing to the next stage earlier or temporarily switching to a previous aligner until a replacement can be ordered.

In conclusion, if you’re experiencing discomfort or issues with your Invisalign aligners, it’s important to seek professional guidance from your orthodontist. They have the expertise to assess the situation and provide necessary adjustments or recommendations so your treatment will soon be back on track!

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