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5 Tips for Traveling When You Have Invisalign

May 2, 2022

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Is your summer vacation coming up soon? Whether you are heading to the beach, experiencing a new culture, or just visiting your family, you will make some amazing memories along the way. However, it is a lot more difficult to care for your aligners when you are constantly on the go from one place to another. However, staying on track with your aligners is necessary to achieve the results you’re looking for. Here are some tips for traveling with Invisalign so you can stay on a path towards a straighter smile.

Pack Accordingly

When you have Invisalign, it is especially necessary for you to bring essential dental tools with you. You should bring a toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, your Invisalign case, and whatever other tools you may need to keep your aligners clean. Make a list or note on your phone so you don’t forget anything.

Maintain a Routine

While it is tempting to completely let go of all of your responsibilities while you’re on vacation, you still need to maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine, especially if you have Invisalign. Remember to continue brushing your teeth at least twice a day and always floss before going to bed. Try to keep your aligners in for at least 22 hours every day. For some patients, it is helpful to set a timer while eating and drinking so you know you aren’t falling behind.

Be Careful with Tap Water

Depending on where you are traveling to, you may or may not be able to safely drink the tap water. If you can’t drink it, you don’t want to use it to brush your teeth either. If you’re in doubt, you should use bottled water to brush your teeth instead.

Bring Extra Aligners

If you are going to be gone for a few weeks, you may need to move on to your next set of aligners to stay on track. It’s a good idea to take them with you. If you decide to extend your stay, you won’t have to stress about keeping up with your treatment.

Set Up a Pre-Vacation Appointment

If it has been a little while before your last progress check, it may be a good idea to schedule your next one ahead of your trip. If you’ve seen your dentist recently, give them a call to let them know you’re traveling and ask what you should do to keep up with your Invisalign treatment.

Your Invisalign treatment shouldn’t hold you back when you are traveling. By using the tips listed above, you can stay on top of your treatment while still being able to enjoy your trip.

About the Author

Dr. Michael Michel is an experienced dentist who has been working in the field for nearly 40 years! He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry and is committed to continuing education to keep his knowledge and skills sharp. He is a recipient of the Harry M. Klenda Award from the Kansas Dental Association and is a current member of the American Dental Association and the Kansas Dental Association. For more information on Invisalign or to schedule an appointment at his office in Topeka, visit his website or call (785) 273-0801.

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