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Your Family Dentist in Silver Lake Explains How to Manage Holiday Eating

October 25, 2018

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As the year approaches its end, the holiday season will soon be here, which is a time when delectable bites and sugary sweets can be found everywhere. Before you indulge, though, your family dentist in Silver Lake says take a moment to get an understanding of how some of the commonly consumed foods and candy treats can impact your oral health. Thus, you can take the proper steps to prevent unwanted problems.

What’s the Problem with Sugar?

When it comes to your family’s oral health, one of the main nemeses is sugar. One reason is that it becomes acidic when it starts to decompose in the mouth. To make matters worse, it is the food of choice for bacteria. Thus, when you eat unhealthy foods and candies, the harmful microbes flock to the remaining food particles to feed on the sugars and multiply.

The bacteria – acidic themselves – further exacerbate the decay of the enamel (the hard, outer part of your teeth) by boring tiny holes (cavities) into the surface. If untreated, a simple cavity can lead to the advanced decay of your tooth, even down to the precious canals and nerves stored in the inner area.

Thus, when it comes to holiday food consumption, there is much more to be concerned with than just an expanding waistline.

How to Protect Your Family’s Oral Health

Here are some tips you can follow for setting the standard of oral care for the rest of your family to follow:

  • Brush Immediately After Eating – Instead of allowing sugar time to settle into your enamel and release its caustic properties, brush and floss immediately after eating a meal, dessert or other sweet items.
  • Limit Your Sugar Consumption – Before you begin to sample the many food options available at a holiday gathering, set a snack budget and follow it. Thus, you can have some parameters in place that will govern how much sugar you take in and prevent some of the problems that come along with over-indulgence.
  • Eat Dessert with Your Meal – When you eat, your mouth is saturated with more saliva, which helps to bathe your teeth and remove debris. Thus, it’s also a great time to consume any dessert items so the sugar has less of a chance of sticking to your teeth.

Your Dentist is Your Ally!

A final way to protect your oral health during the holiday season is to visit your dentist for one of your semi-annual dental appointments. The expert cleaning and examination you’ll receive will ensure that you finish the year on a positive level when it comes to your oral health. To schedule an appointment, reach out to your dentist in Silver Lake today!

About the Author

Dr. Michael E. Michel earned his dental degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, and for nearly four decades, he has been providing top-notch dental care to the Silver Lake community. A life-long learner, he takes continuing education courses to stay current with the latest advancements in dentistry. Dr. Michel’s expertise is wide ranging and includes such procedures as non-surgical TMJ disorder therapy, sleep medicine and Invisalign. He helps families navigate the holidays with preventive care at Michel Dental, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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