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Dentist Discusses the Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health

December 4, 2017

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Everyone knows that if you don’t look after your oral health, you’re going to suffer from bad breath, tooth decay, and unsightly stains on your pearly whites. You might even have to get a root canal or end up losing a few teeth altogether. All of that is bad enough, but did you know that the effects of poor oral health can go beyond your mouth? Your dentist in Topeka is here to discuss the strong link between your teeth and gums and the rest of your body.

Your Heart

There are lots of ways to take care of your heart, such as exercising and eating a healthy diet, but brushing and flossing can also protect your precious ticker.

If your oral health worsens to the point where you’re suffering from periodontitis (advanced gum disease), there is the strong possibility that bacteria from your mouth will sneak through your gums into your bloodstream. From there, those nasty little microorganisms can creep into the blood vessels around your heart. As a result, your chances of becoming the victim of a heart attack or stroke greatly increase. In fact, unhealthy gums could make you twice as likely to develop a cardiovascular problem.

Your Blood Glucose Levels

Poor oral health can’t directly cause diabetes, but if you already have diabetes, suffering gums and teeth can put you hot water. Gum disease can make it more difficult to control your blood glucose levels, thereby increasing your risk of suffering from complications because of your medical condition.

Unfortunately, this problem goes both ways. If you aren’t making diligent efforts to control your diabetes, you could suffer from dry mouth, which makes it more likely that you’ll develop cavities and gum disease.

Your Mental Wellness

Various studies have revealed that people who suffer from Alzheimer’s have a particular type of bacteria in their brain that is usually associated with gum disease. It’s possible that the bacteria makes its way from the mouth into the brain, where it triggers an immune response that damages neurons. The result may be memory problems and confusion.

Other Problems Linked to Poor Oral Health

Your mouth is the main gateway to the rest of your body. When you don’t look after your teeth and gums, you put yourself at risk for a host of problems, including the ones listed above. You may also be in danger of suffering from:

  • Respiratory infections
  • Preterm birth
  • Bone loss in your jaw (a result of missing teeth)
  • Malnutrition (also a possible result of missing teeth)

Taking care of your mouth is a big part of taking care of the rest of your body. Your dentist in Topeka will be happy to coach you on habits that will help you have a healthy smile that leads to a healthy you.

About the Dentist

Dr. Michael Michel has been practicing dentistry for decades, and he is passionate about what he does. He wants to promote overall wellness in his patients. If you have questions about how to care for your teeth and gums, please contact our office at 785-273-0801.

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