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There’s No Need to Fear a Root Canal In Topeka. Here’s Why.

August 28, 2017

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Ever heard of a comfortable root canal? In Topeka, that’s just what you can expect from Dr. Michael E. Michel and the team at Michel Dental. We take a calm, caring approach with each and every one of our patients — and using the latest technology and methods, these days, there’s really nothing to fear from root canal therapy.

But if you’re still nervous, one of the best ways to take away fear from any situation is to educate yourself. In this week’s blog post, we want to spotlight root canals (also known as endodontic treatment). Keep reading to find out why they’re needed, what happens in a root canal, and how we keep you comfortable during this common procedure at Michel Dental. We’ve got the facts!

Why Are Root Canals Necessary?

Most cavities only affect the outermost layer of your tooth (the enamel) and can usually be repaired with a simple filling. But for decay that has reached beyond the outer enamel into the interior of the tooth, Dr. Michel will recommend root canal therapy if the tooth can be saved. So if you need a root canal, that’s actually great news. It means we can keep your natural smile intact! And no matter how good tooth replacement is getting with dental implants, our first goal is always to keep your teeth where they belong — in your smile.

What Happens In a Root Canal

To perform a root canal, your dentist removes all the diseased and decayed tissue from the interior of your tooth using special vacuum-like tools. Dr. Michel measures the root canals, cleans and prepares the interior of the tooth, and then fills it with a biocompatible material known as gutta percha. Most root canals are completed over the course of two visits to the dentist. In the time between appointments, the infection heals. Dr. Michel will usually place a temporary crown to protect the tooth. When you come back for the follow-up appointment, your dentist checks to make sure the area is ready for the final restoration before completing the root canal. And you’re back on your way to a healthy, happy smile!

How We Keep You Comfortable

One of the keys to putting you at ease during a root canal is making sure you have all the information you need before the procedure. You and Dr. Michel will fully discuss your treatment plan so you know just what’s going on and why. Please feel free to ask us questions at any time before, during, or after the treatment. We use local anesthesia to numb your jaw and offer sedation to put your mind and body at ease. Dr. Michel and our team work gently but efficiently to ensure you don’t spend any extra time in the dental chair. Your comfort, health, and safety are always our biggest priorities!

Don’t Put Off Necessary Dental Care!

If you have an aching or decayed tooth, don’t delay seeking the care you need. Your dentist in Topeka takes a calm, caring approach to keep you relaxed throughout any procedure. We invite you to request an appointment for quality restorative dentistry today.

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