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Dentist in Silver Lake Encourages a Healthy Smile in 2017

January 19, 2017

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The start of the new year is the perfect time to set new goals for yourself. As you aim to increase your health and prosperity, do not forget about your dental health. In 2017, make your oral health a priority with simple dental resolutions. As your dentist in Silver Lake, Michel Dental will help you achieve your goals. We offer the dental care you need, as well as easy tips to promote the health of your teeth and gums.

Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

The American Dental Association recommends everyone brushes their teeth twice a day to prevent the development of cavities and plaque. However, our busy schedules often cause us to skip a brushing here and there. No matter how busy things get, you need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to clean your teeth twice a day. Be sure to brush all surfaces of your teeth for at least two minutes each time.

Floss Your Teeth Every Day

No one likes to floss their teeth, but it is important for removing plaque and food particles that your toothbrush cannot reach. If you do not floss daily, you could develop gum disease. Use an ADA-approved dental floss to clean in between each tooth—preferably at night.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

The American Dental Association recommends everyone over the age of two visits the dentist twice a year for cleanings and checkups. Even if you do not currently have dental concerns, you need to maintain your appointments. Regular care will prevent the development of dental problems while also offering early detection of damage for prompt treatment.

Eat a Balanced Diet

The foods you eat significantly impact your oral health. Consuming foods that are high in sugar, starches, and acids increase your risk for tooth decay while also decreasing the body’s ability to ward off infections, like gum disease. Eat a balanced diet to keep your teeth and gums healthy while also promoting your overall health.

Stop Bad Habits

There are certain bad habits that hurt dental health, like smoking, which increases your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. If you have bad habits that could damage your teeth, like smoking, biting your nails, using your teeth as tools, or grinding your teeth, it is important to stop immediately.

Don’t Wait for Dental Care

Too often, people wait until after a problem as developed or they no longer able to stand the pain of a dental problem before they see the dentist to have the tooth repaired. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage will become and we may not be able to save the tooth. You need to have damaged teeth repaired right away to protect your smile.

Choose a Trusted Dentist

To ensure your dental health is a top priority, choose a dentist who makes you feel comfortable while also offering the complete care you need. Michel Dental provides the personalized services needed for beautiful smiles. We will work with you to help you achieve your goals this year. We look forward to seeing you smile.

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