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Tobacco Use Can Leave Your Oral Health Suffering

September 8, 2015

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Tobacco and your oral health are mortal enemies. It doesn’t matter whether you smoke cigarettes, “dip” or use some other form of smokeless tobacco, it’s just plain bad for your health. Your oral health and overall health are closely linked, so if tobacco use can cause all sorts of overall health issues, you better believe your oral health is in trouble as well. There are many benefits to kicking the smoking or tobacco habit, and it all starts with your oral health.

At our office in Topeka, KS, we want you to have the best oral health possible, and part of maintaining a healthy mouth is by practicing great dental hygiene habits and staying away from those that might pose a significant threat. Tobacco is one of those threats and if use continues, it can leave your oral health in bad shape. You don’t want to deal with any oral issues relating to smoking, so it’s best you start thinking about quitting. Dr. Michel is the Topeka and Silver Lake dentist that residents can trust.

Tobacco Is Terrible For Your Oral Health

It doesn’t take a genius to know that smoking is bad for you. Just as bad is smokeless tobacco, such as dipping. Back in January of 2014, the United States marked the 50th anniversary of the very first Surgeon General’s Report regarding smoking and your health. It was way back then when smoking and tobacco came to the forefront of all the illnesses it can cause. It’s a fact that 20 million Americans have died from smoking since the first report was published in 1964, but of that number 2.5 million have been non-smokers. It’s a staggering number that is very eye-opening.

It’s easy to imagine the effects smoking or other tobacco use can have on your system considering the massive overall health effects that can take shape. Below is a list of what you could expect should you choose to smoke or use smokeless tobacco:

  • Discolored/stained teeth and tongue
  • Lessened height of taste and smell
  • Slow healing process for tooth extractions or other surgery
  • Cosmetic dental problems that are difficult to correct
  • Gum (periodontal) disease
  • Oral cancer

Quitting is the best way to keep your oral health and overall health in great shape. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a longtime smoker or just started – it’s never too late to quit.

Schedule a Checkup

If you’re worried whether or not there may be oral problems you can’t see but can feel, it’s best to come into our office right away. We will thoroughly examine your mouth for any problems and create a custom plan to help keep your oral health in great shape. Our dental team is ready to help you look and feel great, but that can only happen if you do your part and kick the tobacco habit! Dr. Michel is the Topeka and Silver Lake dentist that you can trust.


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