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How to Choose the Right Mouthwash for Your Needs

September 12, 2012

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When it comes to home care, brushing and flossing are what you hear about the most, while the topic of mouthwash rarely gets mentioned. As a result, you may think rinsing with mouthwash isn’t all that important. Or, just as possible, maybe you know it’s important but you just don’t know what kind is right for you.

Today, we’d like to address both of these positions and offer some advice on what to look for the next time you’re in the oral hygiene aisle of your local grocery story or pharmacy.

First, is using a mouthwash important?

The answer to that question will vary with every person, but broadly speaking, the answer is yes. An antibacterial mouthwash can give your smile extra protection from bacteria, plaque, and gingivitis. That doesn’t mean rinsing with a mouthwash should ever a substitute for brushing and flossing, but it does mean that patient who brush and floss daily can enjoy extra protection for their smile with a mouthwash.

Second, what kind is right for you?

As we just mentioned, an antibacterial mouthwash supports daily brushing and flossing. But not every mouthwash on the market was designed to meet the same need. Some are made only to hide bad breath, while others use fluoride to strengthen teeth. Still others are meant to combat dry mouth symptoms, sensitivity, or teeth stains. So the key to choosing the right mouthwash is knowing what your needs are and keeping your eyes wide open as you shop.

And don’t be afraid to ask Dr. Michel or another member of our Michel Dental team for a recommendation. We would be happy to help you find the right mouthwash. Call us today with your questions or to reserve an appointment with us. We serve patients from Topeka, Emporia, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding areas.

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