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Missing Multiple Teeth – Topeka & Silver Lake, KS

Discover the Benefits of an Implant-Retained Bridge

Losing even a single tooth can be detrimental to your smile; however, losing several teeth can cause significant complications to your oral health and your quality of life. Low self-esteem isn’t the only problem you’ll face. You’ll have a heightened risk of additional tooth loss and even nutritional deficiencies as you struggle to maintain a balanced diet. You don’t need to live with the issues associated with tooth loss. We can rebuild your smile if you’re missing multiple teeth in Topeka & Silver Lake. We offer the latest solutions, including dental implants, to give you the next best thing to your real teeth.

Two Consecutive Missing Teeth

Older man missing multiple teeth in Topeka & Silver Lake

Two missing teeth in a row are traditionally replaced with a fixed bridge. This involves using an impression of your mouth to create the portions of your lost teeth above the gum line. The bridge is held in place by reshaping your adjacent teeth to allow dental crowns to be bonded over them. You’ll enjoy a convenient solution that can last for about one decade before needing to be replaced.

Although it’s effective, you’ll need to permanently alter healthy teeth. As an alternative, a dental implant can be placed into your jawbone to anchor your bridge. This gives you a long-term solution that can last for several decades with the right aftercare.

Three of More Consecutive Missing Teeth

Model of traditional bridge and crowns.

A bridge and crowns can also treat three of more consecutive missing teeth, but it won’t stop the complications of tooth loss. Losing even a single tooth causes your jawbone to deteriorate because it isn’t being stimulated by the roots. This increases your risk of cavities, gum disease, and additional tooth loss.

The only treatment to preserve your jaw’s density is with dental implants in Topeka & Silver Lake. A titanium implant post is used at either end to support the bridge while also acting as new tooth roots. This replaces your missing teeth while keeping your jawbone healthy to preserve your natural smile.

Multiple Missing Throughout an Arch

Model of an implant-retained bridge.

Traditionally, a partial denture is used to treat significant tooth loss. Prosthetic teeth are fixed to a gum-colored base, which has a metal framework to clasp in place. Despite the latest innovations in dentistry, it will always have its limitations.

We can use a combination of implant-supported bridges and single unit implants to rebuild your smile. They won’t rely on your natural teeth for support, giving you a close replica of what you have lost.

Benefits of Implant-Retained Bridges

Woman with dental implants smiling.

Replacing the entire tooth structure provides a variety of benefits that aren’t possible with traditional treatments, including:

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If you’re ready to conquer the challenges of tooth loss, we have the solutions for you. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for an implant-retained bridge.

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